Judy Neyer, BSME
We spend most of our life going through life changes.  Transition by definition is changing from one stage of your life to another or the process by which this happens.  Have you been through a lot of changes in your career?   Feeling stuck in your career path?  Not feeling heard in the workplace?  Putting more time into your work to over compensate for not getting promoted?  Moving out of your comfort zone?  Recent job loss?  Unhappy in current position?  Need confidence in pursuing your new role?
As engineers, we are analytical and logical in our thinking, which some interpret as slow, boring, and egocentric, with struggling for advancement. We all know and live with the stereotype: insecure, introverted, nerdy, restrained, and narrowly focused – as well as sartorially challenged (pocket protectors, high-water pants, mixed plaids) and all. Engineers are considered notorious for not communicating what they want.  This is far from the truth.
Dare to be understood. Engineers: “We dare to try the things most others would only dream of.”   What are you struggling with today?  Do you feel you work harder and not smarter.
I have had 20 plus years combined experience in the in sales and project management and have helped many engineers you have felt stuck and in their career path.  To apply creative strategies to help them gain clarity, increase their communication skills, and manage all types of transitions in their lives.  Change is inevitable and we need to move beyond their own limitations.
I have developed a proven system to help you overcome  your life challenges!
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