MY ENGINEER COACH, we will provide you a tremendous value and results.  With over 20 years of corporate leadership experience in mentoring engineers through overcoming  and  passionate about exceeding your expectations!   I started out as a Data Base Analyst while earning her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Cincinnati.  After graduation I became a Sales Engineer, Eastern and  Western Regional Sales Manager and Product Manager. Thereafter spending my early years in  technical sales, I progressed into Project Management.  Reinventing the way I communicated to be effective among professionals including engineers, managers and C-level professionals within Industrial Manufacturing Businesses and Oil and Gas Industries. There is a very distinct difference between the way the technical and non-technical professionals communicated with each other.  Differences in communication styles invariably cause frustration. However, I learned  how to bridge that barrier. In short I learned to speak both languages with fellow engineers naturally coming to her for advice, and she now desires to relay that knowledge to help others succeed!


Judy is actively involved in the STEM program and with the Society of Women of Engineers (SWE).  I have served on the Executive Council since 2009.  The Society of Women Engineers has been around for six decades, providing women engineers with a unique place and voice within the engineering industry. She also served on the Board of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  She also serves on the Executive Council of Federation of Houston Professional Women.  Judy is married to her husband, Brian, with two stepchildren and two grandchildren.
Committed to helping others expand their quality of life through a life transition, Judy has a warm and loving nature, as evidenced by just a small sampling of the testimonials from her past and present clients.  Judy has provided leadership development and interpersonal communication coaching within her sales and project management assignments over the past 20 years. Judy’s services include corporate coaching on a one-on-one basis, to foster the development of high-potential employees. Explained differently, Judy has coached technical staff as they have transitioned into management roles and, in so doing, she has helped those individuals grow beyond their own expectations.
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