“Judy has a wonderful breadth of experience in a variety of roles and industries. This allows her to have a unique and open perspective as she listens to whatever situation that an individual might be facing. She has offered me great advice and alternative ways of thinking about challenges and transitions I have faced in my career.”
Kristi Kuetemeier
“Judy has coached me for a year now,  as a fellow coach, she has been a tremendous help in getting me to and over the finish line many times. The power of a Life Coach is not only the accountability but the sincere support along the way. Judy is good at reigning me in when I have too many ideas and at keeping me focused.  I was able to move forward and accomplish my goals.”
Mary Ann Markowitz
“Judy Neyer was very helpful to me during some troubling times related to my brother’s failing health and subsequent passing. She listened intently to my concerns, fears, and uncertainties seemingly without judgment or forethought. The kindness in her approach to helping me make strong decisions which were crucial for me at the time, due to aggressive deadlines.  I appreciate her total support and her experience in the corporate world and entrepreneurial knowledge.”
K.D. Mason
“I lost my job in 2016 from an oil/gas downturn. Judy provided great feedback, opened me up to new ideas and support as I dealt with multiple challenges.   Professional and personal family issues at the same time, she gave me positive feedback and brainstormed with me on difference alternate industries to pursue opening me up to new possibilities on many levels. I was able to move beyond the blocks I was having to make positive decisions to move forward.  She indeed has been an invaluable asset during my transition.”
Susan Bryan


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